There has been a fair amount of movement in some of the big names in SCADA security over the last year. To summarize:

  • The latest is Joe Weiss leaving Kema and joining Applied Control Solutions, LLC. A friend pointed this out on the PCSF agenda. I call Joe the Paul Revere of SCADA security for the role he played in raising awareness early in this decade. I’ll talk to Joe soon and let readers know more about his new endeavor.
  • Mark Fabro left Bearing Point and is now with Lofty Pearch
  • Bryan Singer left Rockwell Automation and is not with FluidIQ
  • Matt Franz left Digital Bond and is now with Hewitt
  • Karl Williams left NISCC and is now with Invensys
  • Scott Mix left Kema and is now with NERC
  • Dick Oyen left ABB and is working as an independent consultant
  • Eric Byres left BCIT and now runs Byres Security

Who did I miss?

I was chatting with Jonathan Pollett of Verano/Plantdata about this, and neither one of us could figure out if this means the SCADA security market is about to boom, stagnate or collapse. Or maybe it means nothing.

And just to complete your scorecard – – Mitretek is now Noblis.