Dale has been on the bleeding edge of ICS security for over 20 years working with vendors, the most security conscious asset owners, and the best in world talent that speak and attend S4. He has a record of predicting the direction and key events of ICS security 3 to 5 years before they happen … when most experts are saying those items are impossible or decades away. He gives thought provoking, optimistic and interesting keynotes on a variety of topics and events.

In addition to giving a keynote, Dale is open to a free ranging, no topic off the table, one-on-one fireside chat or Q&A from the audience.

Keynote – Security Truth Or Consequences

Dale delivered a new keynote in April 2022 entitled Security Truth or Consequences. It introduces the big idea that reducing consequence, unlike deploying an ever growing set of security controls, is a game you can win. It leads attendees to rethink where they should put their resources to effectively and efficiently reduce risk.

This keynote is ideal for events that combine engineers, management and OT security professionals such as industry sector conferences, large asset owner internal events, and ICS vendor user group events. See a sample excerpt in the speaker reel below.

OT Cybersecurity … From Speculation To Science

How much do we really know about addressing cyber risk in OT systems? There is a conservative consensus on good practices. Many mantras repeated by experts. Are we right? Are these really reducing cyber risk or just busy work to make us feel better? In this session Dale will look at how other fields have been right and wrong, where the industry stands with current recommendations, and path forward to move OT cyber risk management from speculation to science.

This keynote is ideal for events with primarily OT and IT security professionals and their management. (Coming soon: excerpt)


One of the S4 highlights is Dale’s on-stage interviews of the big names and innovators in ICS security and related fields. His interviewing experience and curiosity brings out new and interesting information and opinions from the interviewees.

Dale can do the same at your event. He can interview a key person from your company. He can also help you identify and book a great guest for an interview session.


Panels at events sound great in theory, but in actuality they often disappoint. The main reason is they are not structured properly, the panelists are not prepped properly, and the moderator does not question, push and cajole the panel to saying something interesting and important.

The panels Dale moderates at S4 are great examples of what is possible, and what he can bring to your event. He can even help you design the panel and recruit the panelists.


You can see a good sample of Dale’s speaking style in different formats from the S4 Events YouTube Channel.



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