We do not sell any advertising on our two web sites, or We also do not put up sponsored articles or any other paid content on these sites.

Two of Dale’s OT and ICS Security content vehicles do offer advertising opportunities.

ICS Security Friday News and Notes

Every Friday Dale’s summary of the importance news and links goes out to over 3000 people, typically those on the leading / bleeding edge of ICS security. The early adopters. The open rate for this newsletter exceeds 35%, with the 2022 average as of May being 38%.

At the bottom of this email is an Unclassified Ads section with up to five text ads. You can put a text ad, up to 280 characters, with links for $75 each week. The ads are sold in quantities of four and will run for four consecutive weeks ($300 for the run of four). We reserve the right to reject or cancel any ad for any reason within the law.

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Unsolicited Response Show

The Unsolicited Response show appears every Wednesday on the S4 Events YouTube Channel and on the Unsolicited Response audio podcast. The show length averages 45 minutes and is typically an interview with someone doing something innovative in the OT and ICS Security world. The target viewer / listener is an early adopter in the field. Someone open to new ideas and approaches.

90-Day Statistics

YouTube: Average of 500 views with 8 minute average view time

Podcast: Average of 800 downloads

The key is the quality rather than the quantity of the audience. Our suggestion is you advertise something that you can measure a conversion or other action.

What You Get

  • A mention during the show introduction (e.g. this episode of Unsolicited Response is sponsored by S4x23, February 13th to 16th in Miami South Beach)
  • Your ad, up to 45 seconds, played once in the middle of the podcast version of the show. We will introduce it with “We’ll be right back after a word from this episodes sponsors” and then your ad.
  • We will include up to 280 character message in the show notes under the Sponsor headline. This message can include links.

Two notes – – 1) All ads and messages are subject to approval by the show’s host Dale Peterson. If the ad or message are rejected and an agreement cannot be reached, payment will be returned. 2) If the sponsor wants Dale to do a recorded or live read please contact

Payment and Ordering

Sponsor packages for the Unsolicited Response show cost $1,600 and include your ad being on four consecutive episodes. There will be a maximum of two sponsors per episode.

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