We have been working feverishly on Bandolier for several months now and have blogged about some of the issues and progress along the way. Notably absent, however, has been discussion about which applications we have assessed and which respective audit files are under development. So I am especially pleased to be able to announce the audit files that will be among the first that make it to the Digital Bond subscriber site. They represent a variety of control system applications on a variety of operating systems. Without further adieu, here is the list:

  • Telvent OASyS DNA Realtime Server (7.5) – Windows Server 2003
  • Telvent OASyS DNA Historian (7.5) – Windows Server 2003
  • Telvent OASyS DNA XOS (7.5) – Windows XP
  • Telvent OASys DNA Engineering Station (7.5) – Windows Server 2003
  • Siemens Spectrum Power TG SCADA Host (8.2) – Red Hat Linux
  • Siemens Spectrum Power TG SCADA Workstation (8.2) – Windows XP
  • Siemens Siemens Spectrum Power TG Web Console (8.2) – Windows Server 2003
  • SNC-Lavalin ECS GENe SCADA – Red Hat Linux
  • ABB Ranger RDAS (2003) – Tru64 UNIX
  • ABB Ranger RAS (2003) – Tru64 UNIX
  • ABB Ranger Web Server (2003) – Tru64 UNIX
  • ABB Ranger Workstation (2003) – Windows XP
  • OSIsoft PI (3.4) – Windows Server 2003

We have also developed audit templates for some custom applications the Bandolier project partners developed.

Many of the Bandolier audit templates are in the testing phase, and the first versions should be available in mid-July. We are excited about this initial list and owe our vendor and asset owner partners a big thanks for their part in this project. If your system is not on the list, don’t worry yet – there are many more in the works.

If you would like a system added to the list, and you are willing to work with Digital Bond and the vendor to identify the “Gold Standard” configuration, send us an email.