ICS Security | Industrial Defender

Industrial Defender, an ICS security products and services vendor, issued a press release announcing three new security services for power plants: Monitor, Manage and Protect. What is novel about the offering is the pricing model. Pricing is based on the megawatts of rated capacity per power generation site, although no numbers were released.

Brian Ahern, president and CEO at Industrial Defender comments:

“Power generators, whether focused on the coal, hydroelectric, petroleum, nuclear or natural gas markets, require solutions that support sustainable security and compliance, while enabling operational excellence. Our new model enables these organizations to identify and procure solutions based on the needs of a specific site – rather than force-fit IT technology & pricing into the automation environment.”

The information available on the Monitor, Manage and Protect service was very limited. Reading between the lines:

  • Monitor: A SIEM or MSSP service that monitors IDS, performance statistics, some logs and ID’s agents.
  • Manage: Is Monitor plus some compliance management related to security patches, configuration, users and more logs.
  • Protect: Is Manage plus Host IDS/IPS, which would likely be the CoreTrace offering they OEM.

More on this as details are unveiled.

DP Note: Will Marks will be blogging on new announcements of ICS security products and services. Vendors should send pertinent press releases to marks (at) digitalbond.com