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ISA99 had a busy, well attended 3-day set of Working Group Meetings this week in Gaithersburg, MD. A lot of work gets done in these sessions, and it’s a testament to ISA99 they continue to get this level of participation and effort through many years of work. We hope to have some updates on the key decisions made in Gaithersburg this week.

Next week is the DHS ICSJWG Spring Meeting in Savannah, GA. It’s not a boycott, but unfortunately we won’t be in attendance at this edition. I decided early on to pass, since I attended the last two. Michael and Reid submitted papers, but were rejected. Later on they were asked to present, but by that time they were committed for work at a plant. We will be following the news and tweets from the event.

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Worth Reading Articles

A lot of RuggedCom / Justin W. Clarke articles, but nothing new.

Critical Intelligence’s ICS Security Event Calendar Updates

  • Joe Weiss security presentation at ISA POWID Controls and Instrumentation Conference, May 16 in Austin, Texas

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