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I’ve been surprised by the relative silence on the NERC CIP Version 5 ballot results. Perhaps everyone knew most would fail by a sizable margin (e.g. CIP-002 37%, CIP-004 39%, CIP-006 39%, CIP-007 46%).  Only CIP-008 passed, but CIP-003 and CIP-009 came close with over 60%. So NERC CIP watchers, what happens next?

Walt Boyes had a good tease on an upcoming article from an Iranian engineer on Stuxnet. The article is out now, and it looks at how effective 24 anti-virus products are at detecting Stuxnet variants. It’s a well written and interesting article, but there is no Iranian twist here unless one is surprised that there is a talented engineer in Iran. I wonder if the anti-virus vendors agree with the author’s contention about their product effectiveness on the PC infection portion of Stuxnet.

Ex-DHS CSSP Director Sean McGurk has landed at ICS Cybersecurity, Inc. as the Chief Policy Officer. This is a company that Chris Blask recently founded, and it is a big hire for the new firm.

A follow up to last Friday’s story on NERC disagreeing with almost all of a recent FERC audit. NERC had claimed FERC refused to talk about the audit prior to release. FERC claims the opposite is true, that NERC cancelled meetings and rejected potentially useful discussions. Whatever the truth is, NERC didn’t seem to handle the auditors and audit very well. They generally are not someone you want to fight or antagonize, or roll over to. Working with auditors is a skill, and either FERC auditors came in with a big chip on their shoulders or NERC really bungled the audit.

The ICSJWG Spring Meeting Presentations are posted on the DHS site — well sort of. There are three from Day 1 and three from Day 2. From what I hear there was some good content at the event so let’s get it out there for all to see.

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