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The ISA99 Committee created a web page with all the work product in process and links to all of the draft documents. This is fantastic and part of their increased effort to get more people aware of and involved in their activities. Today there are 13 draft documents available to look at and contribute to.

The EnergySec Conference keynote speakers have been announced: Richard Clark, Sean McGurk and Patricia Hoffman. The event is Sep 25-28 in Portland, Oregon and Reid will be teaching a half day class on using Nessus in ICS on the 25th.

DHS has posted the draft agenda for the ICSJWG Fall Meeting, Oct 15-18 in Denver. It’s a good event to go to about every other year, and the price is great – free. Michael Toecker from Digital Bond will be presenting “Using Attack Surface Analyzer for Testing of Control System Applications”.

If you think we don’t have cybersecurity information sharing in place, check out this Lawfare blog graphic. There are even some organizations missing in the ICS realm, EnergySec/NESCO, RISI …

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) chair is complaining about a lack of authority to deal with the cyber threat on electric and gas infrastructure. The argument would be more persuasive if they had done a better job with the authority they were given, which led to selecting NERC as the ERO and the resultant CIP regulations. It would be hard to find anyone who wants more of that.

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Worth Reading Articles

  • AlaskaDispatch article Cybersecurity Executive Order Would Expand Police Powers of Homeland Security
  • Memoori blog Why Make Smart Buildings Smart Grid Compatible DP note: This corresponds with my simplistic view that the residential smart meter focus was a misallocation of money caused by the need to spend the recovery act money quickly.
  • Emerson Process Management Whitepaper A Comparison of WirelessHART and ISA100.11a DP note: Great technical info for those interested in DCS wireless protocols, but be aware that Emerson is a big proponent of WirelessHART. 
  • and read Andrew Ginter’s guest article 100 Vulnerabilities on our site if you missed it

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