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Industrial Defender announced another industry partnership to provide their security products and services to an ICS vendor — this time with Telvent. As mentioned in an earlier article, the key factor in determining if this is truly pushing security to customers or just marketing buzz is ID’s headcount growth. According to company sources “Industrial Defender has grown our workforce over 25% in the last year.  To support our expanding OEM relationships we have added new staff in R&D, Engineering, Product Management, and Professional Services.”

A draft of ISA-62443-2-1 IACS Management System is available for review. One of the key issues with this draft is the overlap with ISO/IEC 27001/27002 – that is not the approach preferred by ISO and SC27. This is likely to be an important topic at the meeting in Rome at the end of October.

Joel Langill has an updated “Ultimate Library” page for ICS Security Resources that is chock full of useful links.

Elinor Mills writes about malware found on new PC’s purchased in China. This matches our experience. We have even found crack keygen files left on the new systems. Increasingly new does not mean clean.

Andrew Ginter tries to make the case that unidirectional has an equivalent or lesser total cost of ownership to a firewall for perimeter security. While we find ourselves increasingly pushing customers to unidirectional, I’m not buying Andrew’s cost argument. What is missing is the cost to migrate all the two-way communication to one-way communication, including changing all the user processes.

The European Union made CERT-EU permanent this week. We will have to get more info on whether there is an ICS section and how it will interoperate with the European countries’ national CERTs.

Pot – Kettle – Black. According to Reuters a top US cybersecurity official said “other nations are increasingly employing cyber attacks without ‘any sense of restraint’, citing “reckless” behaviors that neither the United States nor the Soviet Union would have dared at the height of Cold War tensions.”

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