SCADA Security Podcast

Yes, it’s a new podcast. The Unsolicited Response podcast will be similar to This Month In Control System Security podcast in format and content, but I have given up the idea of doing it on a regular schedule.

The inaugural episode is an interview with Brian Ahern, CEO and President of Industrial Defender. Industrial Defender is one of the oldest companies dedicated to ICS security and has moved emphasis back and forth between products, professional services and managed services. In recent years the focus has clearly been on the monitoring and management technologies and partnering with large ICS vendors.

I talked with Brian about two main issues:

  1. What do these announced partnerships with ABB, Elster, GE, Itron, and Telvent really mean. Are they more than marketing buzz? How does a company the size of ID support all those partners? What level of integration is happening with ID security agents and technology with the vendor products? How important is the partner business to ID today and what is expected in the future?
  2. How does ID balance the monitoring and recovery benefits of remote access to a SCADA/DCS with the risks of this remote access, especially in light of the recent cyber attack on Telvent?

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I selected the new title “Unsolicited Response” for two reasons. First, it is not regularly scheduled and will occur as events, topics and interviewees warrant. And second, we are increasingly being told to be quiet and not push so hard, so a lot of our views are unsolicited and issues that many would be prefer be kept quiet so they can continue to be ignored and kept at the status quo.

We will not be accepting sponsors for the podcast until we get a feel for how active the podcast will be. I always enjoy the interviews so hopefully it will be a frequent occurrence. Stay tuned.

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