The team at SCADA Strangelove has added the ability to crack Siemens S7 passwords to the John the Ripper tool.

And the team at Drainware released Siemens S7 discovery scripts for nmap.

The Washington Post reports that the US military will increase its cybersecurity force 5x over the next several years, going from 900 people today up to 4,900.

The full agenda for the 12th Annual National SCADA Conference in Australia is up. One of these years I’m going to make it down there as they have been kind enough to invite me a couple of times.

SCADASEC had a good post on transportation security, specifically the importance of classification yards. “where freight cars are shifted from one train to another in order to arrive at their destinations. A cyber attack on the systems in those yards could damage enough equipment to make them unusable (although that would be a difficult attack). Without classification yards, freight traffic becomes almost useless.”

ICS-CERT has added a three page Credential Management section to their Targeted Cyber Intrusion Detection and Mitigation Strategies paper.

GE announced a software update product to help with security patching and a multi-purpose security appliance called SecurityST. We’ll try to get more information and report back soon.

Congratulations to Joe Weiss for being designated a US expert to IEC TC45/SC 45A/WG9 – Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities. Joe outlines all his IEC and ISA responsibilities here. Busy guy and a lot of patience to work that heavily in the standards realm.

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