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NIST held the second workshop on the US Cybersecurity Framework this week in Pittsburgh, and the main session was viewable on the Internet. You can view the tweets at #nistcsf, and Cynthia Brumfield has published her thoughts on the workshop. The next workshop is in San Diego.

ISA published a Cybersecurity Brochure that covers there activities. It describes the ISA99 standards efforts (a bit light on this I thought), training, books and the certification effort through ISCI.

Missed from last week, Cylance partnered with building construction and operation company McKenneys, Inc. This is likely a follow on from the Rios/McCorkle hack on the Tridium BAS and is a non-traditional partnership for a security firm. A sign of things to come?

SANS has started a new series they call the ICS Security Vendor Briefing. The first one is available at the SANS event in Houston on June 10th and includes and are sponsored by Waterfall, Cylance and Codenomicon. SANS limits the commercialism of the vendor sponsored presentations, but don’t let the non-profit angle fool you. These are paid vendor pitches to the SANS audience.

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