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Slow summer week

IntegraXor became the first ICS vendor to offer a bug bounty (that we are aware of). The bounty is software licenses not points … “We do not pay out monetary reward but only pay off I/O point to use our software license.” This was met with more derision than applause. The practical impact of this I/O point license reward program is likely more marketing than getting bugs. Still they are the first. Interesting home page quote “who use our products/services: AGAR, CET Lab, ExxonMobil, FMC, HSBC, Hyundai, Krohne, KTM, Maxis, Murphy Oil, Petronas, Shell, Yokogawa.”

In a Journal of Strategic Studies article, I wrote about the likelihood and necessity of staging and retaining communication access to ICS cyber weapons. Bruce Schneier writes something similar in his Crypto-Gram article on Offensive Cyber Weapons. “Sometimes we have to embed the hostile code in those networks — these are called “logic bombs” — to be unleashed in the future. And we have to keep penetrating those foreign networks, because computer systems always change and we need to ensure that the cyberweapons are still effective.”

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Boasting about SCADA vulns? What next, boasting about kicking puppies?

— the grugq (@thegrugq) July 15, 2013

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