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Phyllis Schneck has been selected to head up the cybersecurity division at the US DHS. Her experience leading InfraGard in its early years should be helpful as it required her to focus on public/private issues and deal with the government bureaucracy. She has some tangential background with ICS security as well.

It’s not too late to support HackRF’s Kickstarter campaign even though it quickly exceeded its goal. Think of it as the next generation of a RFcat type tool for those that took the S4x13 course. From the site – “Transmit or receive any radio signal from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz on USB power with HackRF”. We joined in at the Full Duplex option.

A bit of blowback or rethinking on APT1 from Kyle Wilhoit’s ICS honeynet presentation at Black Hat. If APT1 attacked the honeynet as Kyle claims, whoever was doing the attacking had minimal knowledge about water systems given what they would have been presented would have been quickly determined to be fake or of little interest to a nation state. It also would indicate a lack of targeting; more of a pursue anything using this protocol without discretion approach. This actually could be a useful data point on what APT1 is and isn’t.

Cylance and IOActive are going head to head on gathering elite ICS researchers, finding 0days, and both announced new services this week. On Tuesday Cylance announced their Infinity Cloud service that I’m at a loss to explain in a sentence. The next day IOActive announced their Security Intelligence Service.

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Hacking the crap out of toilets: http://t.co/aCvrUId4NL (Is is a heap spray? Cache flushing? Memory dump? Should I go on? 🙂

— Paul Asadoorian (@pauldotcom) August 6, 2013

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