SCADA Security News

The US Government (NIST) has published A Discussion Draft of the Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework (pdf). This is a key preparatory document to read if you are attending the fourth workshop in Dallas, Texas on Sept 11-13.

Patrick Coyle highlighted the US Department of Transportations on the “annual public meeting about the connected vehicle research program”. Probably get a bit more attention after the Defcon auto-hacking publicity.

Is monitoring federal ICS part of the US DHS $6B program of Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation?

ISA99 has released a draft of ISA-62443-4-2 Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components. Send your comments in by Sept 30th. You can see all the drafts on this page.

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Two weeks in a row without a tweet of the week. Time to ease up on the filter.

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Critical Intelligence’s ICS Security Event Calendar Updates

  • Critical Infrastructure Track at Hacker Halted, Sept 19-21 in Atlanta, GA  DP Note – Joe Weiss is giving a talk in the plenary, interesting culture clash
  • New SCADAHacker training events, various
  • Multiple Matrikon OPC Training Events – Level 5 is security, various

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