GE announced the Industrial Internet. It’s a broad, marketing announcement but here is a taste for loyal blog readers – “GE’s Grid IQ SaaS allows utilities to monitor, manage and control their grid more intelligently without worrying about the ongoing IT costs. Using a cloud computing services model, these capabilities can be deployed in 50% less time than traditional turnkey project models with just 10% of the estimated implementation cost.” Too much to discuss in a Friday post.

SANS/GIAC has put out details on the Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) certification. The page includes the topics in the body of knowledge applicants will be tested on. It’s 115 question, 3 hour test. You attend the one week SANS ICS410 SCADA/ICS Security Essentials course taught by Dr. Eric Cole and then take the test. I can’t imagine feeling better about a potential employee because they are GICSP certified. It is a positive that there is another basic ICS security training course available. Plenty of training choices now.

The US Government shutdown has shut down NIST’s work on the Cybersecurity Framework. I’m not sure why industry cannot have easy access to existing framework content that was on the site. The main framework page just says closed for business.

Patrick Coyle writes that CFATS is also now technically dead with no extension issued on October 1st.

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