Our weekly update on what’s new with S4x14 in the past week. Check out the agenda and register before the event sells out.

Mobile App

This year we will have a mobile app for S4x14 that will include the schedule, speakers, white papers, presentations, area info, social media the ability to track what’s happening in ICS Village and more. We sent the app to the developers last week and have a target date of December 15th to publish.

New Sessions

We added Seth Brombergers’ Using Graph Theory To Contain Propagation of Malicious Code on a Smart Grid. Remember IOActive had that demo that showed malware propagating through the smart grid. This session is a possible answer to stop that propagation.

While the offensive sessions tend to get the buzz, there are some great defensive sessions on the agenda.

  • Applying SDL To Legacy Code (How does or should a vendor apply the security development lifecycle to legacy code to maximize efficient risk reduction. It will take a long time to put all code through the full process, so the strategy can have a big impact)
  • Securing ICS Applications When Vendors Refuse or are Slow to Produce a Security Patch
  • Taken Out of Context – Language Theoretic Security and Potential Applications for ICS
  • Data Driven Approaches to Defending “Known Vulnerable” ICS
  • Threat Characterization from the Defender’s Perspective

Trump Reservation Link

We have updated the Conference Hotel Page with the reservation link for the Trump International hotel at the S4x14 conference rate.

Updated Speaker Bio Page

More of the speakers have provided their pictures and bios. Check out the amazing list of speakers and trainers we have this year.

Sponsor Page

The sponsor page is now up. Checkpoint and Siemens are the first two to get their sponsor materials in; more are in process. Details about sponsor opportunities are also on the page.