ICS Security Event

A few more updates for those interested in S4x14.

Press – We do allow a limited number of press to attend the event free of charge with priority given to the press that understands and covers ICS. If that describes you, and you would like to cover S4x14, send us an email.

Speakers – All Speakers with a 30-minute or longer session at S4x14 or ICSage are automatically registered for S4x14 and ICSage. We will be doing that this week and sending out the first speaker update.

Advanced ICS Security Training – We put up a page on the event site to highlight the two training course options on Friday, January 17th. We select training courses and instructors who can teach attendees a new security skill in the day long class. This year the classes are:

  • Introduction to Hardware Hacking for ICS Security Professionals with Kevin Finisterre and Josh Thomas

Our Stephen Hilt took this class at DerbyCon and raved about it. We asked Kevin and Josh to give it an ICS spin and teach it at S4x14. There are not a lot of opportunities to learn hardware hacking, let alone hardware hacking focused on ICS.

  • Response and Serial Fuzzing ICS Protocol Stacks with Adam Crain

Adam will be presenting the technical details on his DNP3 response fuzzing at S4x14. Most of the protocol stacks fell over quite easily with special crafted response packets. The availability and integrity of the master / polling engine in the control center is crucial. Learn how to do this type of fuzz testing in the class. We are particularly interested in factors involved in creating the fuzzed response packets and serial fuzzing.

Space is limited to these courses, and all the S4x13 courses sold out. Register now to guarantee your spot.

IMPORTANT NOTE — If you want to register for an Advanced ICS Security Training course select the S4x14 Plus OTDay option in registration. The next screen will give you an opportunity to register for the training courses.