Quick post on some big names making moves to new companies:

  • Ralph Langner announced today that he is forming the Langner Group in the US, and the first hire is Perry Pederson. Perry led the DHS Control System Security Program a few years back and most recently was with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • Brad Hegrat left Rockwell recently and joined IOActive. This is an interesting, and I believe good, hire for IOActive. Most of the IOActive talent in the ICS space are top notch researchers. Guys who do a great job black box testing. Brad complements that talent with decades of working with owner/operators to secure their systems. It’s not enough to find 0days. To instigate change the owner/operator needs to understand why it matters.
  • Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle have left Cylance and joined Qualys. They only joined Cylance back in January, announced at S4x13, and were Cylance’s ICS security efforts. Billy is now the Director of Vulnerability Research at Qualys and will be working on more than ICS. Hopefully both Billy and Terry will continue to spend some time on ICS.