ICSage is a new addition this year to S4 that focuses on the creation, deployment, use and defense of ICS cyber weapons. It is on the Friday, January 17th following S4x14. See the full agenda and register now.

While we were turning away a number of good talks for S4x14, it was a challenge to find quality talks for ICSage. But with help from some good friends, we have completed a very strong agenda with a good mix of technical, OSINT and theory. Here are the recently added sessions:

  • Aurora as a Harbinger with Perry Pederson of The Langner Group – Remember the video with that turbine shaking and then smoking on CNN? Perry was the Director of the Control System Security Program at DHS during the Aurora project. His background with this project as well as NRC puts him in a position to provide some unique insight into ICS cyber weapons.
  • Current Capabilities and Motivations of Threat Actors with Laura Gallante of Mandiant – We really wanted someone who is tracking OSINT and had other intelligence to discuss what countries and organizations around the world are doing to gear up their offensive capability.
  • Building on Device Vulnerabilities: Attack Modes for ICS with Bryan Singer of Kenexis – Finding and exploiting a vulnerability or insecure by design issue is only an early step in an attack. What can and would an attacker do with the ability to affect the availability and integrity of a process? Bryan’s uses his literally hundreds of plant assessments and process knowledge to explain what an attacker might do. He also plans on pointing out how impact can also be overblown by not considering safety systems and other processes in place to prevent bad things from happening.
  • An Interview with Ralph Langner – Ralph has agreed to come on stage for a live interview on Stuxnet and the future of ICS cyber weapons, and attendees will have a chance to ask questions.

These four latest sessions are on top of an agenda with Thomas Rid (author of Cyber War Will Not Take Place), Bri Rolston from INL, a panel full of predictions and myself talking about deployment and triggering ICS cyber weapons. Really looking forward to this day and exploring this new area.

There are 3 seats left for ICSage on Friday, and four seats left for the two advanced training classes on Friday. S4x14 on Weds/Thursday is held in a larger venue so there are still seats available for this, although S4x14 has already surpassed last years record attendance.

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Stay tuned for the update on the social events Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of S4 week.

Let us know if you have something to add to OTDay or the ICS Village.

Image by Ana_Cotta