Meeting and reconnecting with your peers is a big part of any conference. S4x14 draws a unique, highly technical and international attendee base — this year over half the attendees are from outside the US (see agenda, courses, hotels and register here).

In additional to the hallway con and ICS Village, here are the social events planned for S4 week, Jan 14 -17 in Miami Beach. Family and friends are welcome at all events.

Welcome Reception, Tuesday 8PM – 10PM, Marenas

The Welcome Reception is sponsored by Waterfall Security again this year. After dinner, come and have some cocktails or coffee, cheese and dessert. Meet your fellow attendees and speakers, and maybe plan out your day two attacks on the ICS Village.

We expect a big crowd at this year’s Welcome Reception since there will be almost 100 people attending the OTDay and ICS Village on Tuesday, plus the additional arrivals for S4x14 that begins Wednesday morning.

S4 Cocktail Party, Wednesday 5PM – 7PM, Kovens

This is the seventh year for S4, and the seventh year for the S4 cocktail party. Right after the Wednesday sessions conclude we go out to the terrace overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and enjoy the good weather, sunset, drinks and some amazing hors d’oeuvres. (The food at the Kovens Center gets unsolicited rave reviews every year, and they do their best work at the cocktail party).

S4x14 / ICS Convergence Party, Thursday 5:30PM – 7:30PM, Trump

This party, sponsored by Cisco, will have Cuban food and drink, cigar rollers, domino boards, and it will be right on the beach.

We call it the Convergence Party because S4x14 ends Thursday and Friday has ICSage and the advanced training.

Secret: Binary Brew Works Beer Tasting, Tuesday 5:30PM – 7PM

Location to be announced to attendees via the mobile app and at OTDay.

Binary Brew Works is bringing down three beers for a beer tasting:

  • TCP/IPa – this IPa has all the bitter and flavor notes of a hoppy beer without being offensive.
  • CYB33R – a crisp, clean, unfiltered, this wheat ale
  • d0tslash – a dark, smooth black ale