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The ICS Village is another new addition to S4 in 2014. We want to provide an environment where attendees can attack, defend and interact with ICS devices and applications, especially those items that are more costly to acquire. So we are raiding our lab and borrowing from friends to create the S4x14 ICS Village.

Below is your first look at what we are planning for the ICS Village. I say planning because Stephen and Michael along with a handful of volunteers will have a busy week to get this ready for S4x14 next week. We will be adding some Cisco/Sourcefire sensors and Tenable Security Center on the network, and are hoping to add more ICS devices and applications as well.

S4x14 ICS Village

The ICS Village will be open Tuesday to Thursday at the Kovens Center. You will be able to connect up to the Corporate Zone from a wireless network, or you can go to the ICS Village room to connect directly to the switch in the zone. There will be a signup process to get an hour of direct connection in a zone to avoid a human and packet crush. We expect Tuesday to be the busiest day in the ICS Village as attendees split their time between OTDay and the ICS Village.

The ICS Village will change throughout the event with Tuesday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday scenarios. Each scenario will have a different firewall ruleset, some configuration changes, and some surprises attendees will need to find. There will also be challenge flags for attendees to grab at different difficulty and point levels. We are still determining if we will be competent enough in this first try to have a full fledged competition with prizes, but the flags will at least give attendees useful tasks to try to accomplish.

The Field Zone is clearly the star of the ICS Village to date. In one way this is great because many attendees have a hard time gaining access to a wide range of the higher end PLCs and RTUs. On the other hand we would like to see more historians, SCADA servers and HMI/EWS. If you have something you would like to add to the ICS Village send us an email to s4@digitalbond.com.