S4x14 Press Coverage

Every year we invite a small number of press to cover S4. We typically pick a couple from the technical press and others from the more mainstream press, and we try to get reporters with a history of covering ICS security. This is not only because they are likely to report the stories accurately, but also to give them contacts and context for continued reporting after S4.

Here is a selection of the coverage from reporters that attended S4x14 to date:

Mark Clayton – CS Monitor

Cyberexperts: A “Lost Decade” since 9/11 to Address Infrastructure Threats  DP Note – I thought Mark did a great job of writing an accessible and understandable story for the general public.

Kelly Jackson Higgins – Dark Reading

The PLC as an ICS/SCADA Hacking Tool

SCADA Researcher Drops Zero Day

Paul Roberts – Security Ledger

Experts: Despite Warnings, Slow Progress Securing Industrial Systems

Paul will soon be reporting on an onstage interview he did with Ralph Langner at ICSage: ICS Cyber Weapons on Friday.

Javier Botero – Jigsaw Productions

Not sure what will come from this, but Jigsaw Productions has made Oscar winning documentaries in the past and wanted to come to S4.

There were also a number of articles from non-attendee reporters, but there is a reason why the number of articles and 0days were down this year. I covered that in the S4x14 – Next intro. This video will be the first out and posted tomorrow morning.

Image by (mike baker)rooster