ICS Security

Digital Bond is pleased to announce our first S4 event outside of the US … S4xJapan on October 14 – 15 in Tokyo. The call for papers will come out on May 1st, and the event will open for registration on August 1st.

Here is some advance information:

  • The 14th will be an Operations Technology (OTDay). We will have asset owners and subject matter experts give practical examples of how to apply IT and IT security technology and practices to your SCADA and DCS.
  • The 15th will be a classic S4 day with leading and bleeding edge ICS security research. It will include a number of new attack techniques, 0-day vulnerabilities, advanced security metrics, new security controls and more. S4 is ideal for those experienced in ICS and IT security; it gets quite technical and there is no basic content.
  • S4xJapan will be held in Tokyo at the Academy Hills Auditorium. This is conveniently located in the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. It’s close to a number of train stations for Tokyo attendees, and there are plenty of nearby hotels and activities for foreign speakers and attendees.
  • There will be a social event for attendees after the October 14th sessions complete. We are working on something novel and fun now.
  • Our goal is to have at least half of the sessions be in Japanese. The other half will bring world class researchers in to present to the Japanese audience. The event will include simultaneous translation in Japanese and English as appropriate.

I have had the pleasure of attending a number of excellent ICS security events in Japan over the last 7 years. It also gave me a view on what worked and what can be greatly improved in an ICS security event in Japan.

Some of the limitations of past Japanese ICS security events were adjusting the event experience for cultural norms (such as how to foster post session comments and discussions); other limitations were based on the organization hosting the event being restricted on taking on controversial subjects; and finally there were content limitations based on the experience and connections in the ICS security space. We have a number of new event features that will be unveiled as the event nears.

So asset owners think about how you can participate in OT Day. Researchers start putting together a proposal for your session for S4xJapan. If you have any ideas or recommendations on Japanese research we should pursue send us an email.