ICS Security

Digital Bond is bringing S4 to Tokyo this October, and we are looking for excellent sessions for the two-day event. The event will be held in English and Japanese with simultaneous translation as appropriate. We welcome your session proposals in English or Japanese as well.

OTDay (Tuesday, Oct 14)

SCADA, DCS and other control systems are running mission critical IT networks. Information Technology used in ICS is commonly called Operations Technology (OT). At S4xJapan’s OTDay we are looking for presentations that demonstrate how to apply good IT and IT security practices to OT. It is a very practical day that focuses on real world results that are working.

Potential topics include: virtualization, network architecture, unidirectional gateways, application whitelisting, user management, monitoring and detection, storage area networks, ICS/SIS integration, remote access, security governance, assessment tools and anything else that falls in the OT or OT security realm. The key is the session should provide real world examples, lessons learned and advice for the OTDay attendees.

Vendors who would like their solution presented at OTDay should have one of their best customers submit a proposal.

You can look at the S4x14 OTDay presentations for some samples and ideas.

S4 (Wednesday, Oct 15)

S4 is the one place where researchers can present in technical depth and don’t need to explain SCADASEC 101. You can watch the videos from S4x14 and previous years to see the best in world researchers describe their latest results. At S4xJapan we will highlight the best Japanese ICS security research as well as bring in some new research from around the world.

We are looking for leading and bleeding edge ICS security research, both offensive and defensive. Researchers should propose sessions on new ways to attack and exploit ICS as well as new techniques to detect and stop cyber attacks.

S4xJapan is also the place where your research will get noticed. We will have a select set of Japanese and international press that cover the ICS security beat and are widely read. We also will be recording the session and making it available on our digitalbond.jp site after the event.

Submitting Your Proposal for S4xJapan

It’s simple. Send an email to s4@digitalbond.com with a brief description of your research and the time requested for the presentation. The standard time slot is 30 minutes, but we have a mix of presentations running from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Some possible topics include vulnerability analysis of ICS protocols, standards, devices and applications; methodologies and results of risk calculations; detecting and preventing attacks on control systems; performance impact of security on control systems; wireless jamming; smart grid security; hardware hacking and whatever else a researcher can identify.

Review and Acceptance

Our sole goal is to put together the best possible program. This is not a peer reviewed, academic conference process. All submissions are reviewed as they come in. The early you submit, the better your chance of getting on the program. If your submission is close to acceptance we may suggest a modification that would be interesting to the S4 audience.

We actively seek out the best research. Please email us if you know of any research that should be at S4xJapan please send us an email to s4@digitalbond.com.

Key Dates

Abstracts Submissions Due:  July 18, 2014 (early submission improves odds of acceptance, and you may submit your proposed session in English or Japanese)

Acceptance Notification:  July 25 , 2014

Conference Dates:  October 14-15, 2014

Location: Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Japan

Submit Abstracts To S4@digitalbond.com