Letter F

The German government’s National Cyber Defense Center has little to show over the last three years, according to the German Government. The Langner Group covers the story of a classified report that was leaked to the press. A small number of employees who lacked experience and did little …

Walt Boyes reports on ISA selecting AE Solutions “to market and deliver the International Society of Automation’s (ISA) series of safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management courses.” This follows, and likely is related to, John Cusimano’s recent move from Exida to AE Solutions. There are many ICSsec training options out now, and this should help ISA training be more competitive. Unfortunately for ISA, they likely missed the window when they could have dominated, or at least been the leader, in this space.

Honeywell has added an IPSEC encryption option between PC components in Experion.

Patrick Coyle reports on the seemingly stealth Chemical Sector Security Summit. This previously popular and sold out event seems to be fading away due to lack of interest by DHS.

On a positive note, Patrick reports the 122-page Actions to Improve Chemical Facility Safety and Security – A Shared Commitment “is a pretty good effort at identifying the actions that the government (at all levels) and industry need to take to improve chemical safety and security.” It includes a section on implementing the Cybersecurity Framework, more evidence that the CSF is taking root in every sector.