S4xJapan: October 14-15 in Toyko

I had a bit of fun in Tokyo last month creating a logo for S4xJapan. In Japan people use a hanko, an ink stamp, to sign documents ranging from Fedex or Black Cat delivery acknowledgment to important official documents. A hanko is designed around a person or company’s name, and each hanko is a bit different even if the name is the same.

The S4 logo we have used since 2007 always reminded me of a hanko. So I had a designer and hanko maker modify it a bit to add xJapan and make an image look like a hanko stamp. We actually made a hanko as well to stamp documents at S4xJapan.

The S4xJapan call for presentations is open until July 18th. The early response is encouraging and newsworthy, but we are still looking for great sessions in Japanese or English for OTDay and the main S4xJapan day. Send your proposed presentations topics and abstracts to s4@digitalbond.com.

S4xJapan Venue

The event will be held in the auditorium of Academy Hills on the 49th floor of the Mori Building in Roppongi Hills. The location is ideal for Japanese, it is close to Roppongi station, and for foreign visitors, close to many hotels, restaurants, nightlife and places to see.


The auditorium lends itself to a technical event like S4xJapan. Every seat has power; quality Internet is free of charge; and when you are on break there is a nice view of Tokyo.

The auditorium is also set up for recording the event, and our plans are to record both OTDay and main event for future distribution in the hope of providing some of the best Japanese language ICS security content available to date.

There is much more to tell after the agenda is published and registration opens. We have a fun and unusual social event planned for Tuesday night, innovative and anonymous Q&A plans, and are working on some unique giveaways that will be appreciated by Japanese and foreign attendees.

The best way to guarantee your spot and get in free of charge is to submit a killer presentation abstract and speak at S4xJapan.