ICS Security News

Bloomberg published more detail on the “UglyGorilla” attack on pipeline SCADA. It’s worth reading past some of the hyperbole in the article to learn what information was taken. “Operatives vacuumed up caches of e-mails, engineering PDFs and other documents, but it was their focus on supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems in industrial computers that most concerned U.S. officials.” We have heard more detail on what was taken, and some of it would be very helpful in crafting an attack.

EnergySec/The Anfield Group has published the Agenda for their 10th Anniversary Summit, August 18-21 in Austin, Texas. Days 1 and 2 are training and workshops. Day 3 is a day primarily devoted to sponsor presentations. This is a bold move given the general revulsion to vendor presentations that have even a whiff of commercialism, but give them credit for being clear that they are sponsor presentations. Day 4 looks like the best day with a solid agenda.

The PHDays blog has more detail about the Critical Infrastructure Attack contest at PHDays 4. “Organizers added new SCADA systems (such as Siemens TIA Portal 13 Pro and Schneider Electric ClearSCADA 2014) and various OPC servers (Kepware KepServerEX, Honeywell Matrikon OPC). New HMI devices, the operator panel Siemens KTP 600, PLC (Siemens Simatic S7-300 and S7-1500)and remote control devices (ICP DAS PET-7067) were presented as well. Schneider Electric MiCOM C264 was provided by CROC.” Impressive.

The Kuwait Industrial Automation and Industrial Control System (KIACS) Cyber Security event graciously put videos of the sessions on YouTube. The production quality is first class. After watching a few sessions it appears to be an excellent event for those new to the field of ICS security.

Joe Weiss participated in the filming of a television show on ICS security. He took the camera crew out to a couple of transmission substation sites and found they were left alone while parked in an unmarked van and filming the substation. Expect this to generate some articles when the show is on air.

Image by ChrisinPlymouth