Way back at the Spring 2014 ICSJWG meeting, Dale announced that Digital Bond is opening a new division — Digital Bond Labs.  This week, we are officially opened for business…and we are hiring.

Digital Bond has a long reputation for building the tools that other ICS consultants use ten years down the road.  It seems that every other talk given in the ICS security community lately make reference to Digital Bond’s intrusion detection signatures, Nessus audit files, or Project Basecamp exploit demos.

At Digital Bond Labs, we aim to provide the best in the business at breaking control systems software, security add-ons, and access control systems for both end-users and vendors.  Our goal is simple: break all the things that make all the things so that we can rebuild them to be more robust and more secure.  In the Digital Bond tradition, we will also continue to focus on valuable research to share with the ICS community.

The outputs from this will include more secure products, and also helpful defensive measures such as intrusion detection signatures and indicators of compromise that focus on detecting exploitation of a class of vulnerabilities, rather than targetting only the publicly-available exploits.

Combined with Digital Bond’s core consulting practice, we have end users and vendors covered both in terms of assessing overall network architecture and examing key components of the control system network so that you understand all of the risks.

Our team is made up of former vendor-developers and government national labs researchers who ensure that no stone is left unturned when investigating the security of ICS products.

Digital Bond Labs is currently looking for senior and junior consultant/researchers.  Time for both position types will be spent on traditional ICS security assessments and more focused in-depth control system hacking engagements, with ample paid research time.

Image by Chip Griffin