The S4xJapan registration, Oct 14-15, opens on Monday morning, Tokyo time. We have been working hard to make this a Japanese event in terms of session focus, language and fun. For example, Kaspersky generously translated their KIPS experience into Japanese for the event. Only 100 seats, so be ready.

The big news of the week is from Norway where 50 companies in the oil sector were hacked. Not a lot of info on this yet, but on the heels of Havex there appears to be some serious targeting of the European energy sector.

According to Dave Aitel, the new VulnDisco Pack for Canvas has a number of new ICS exploit modules. This is in addition to the Gleg SCADA+ pack.

Matthew Luallen of Cybati opened a Kickstarter campaign for an ICS security training kit. The goal is $30K, and it is about 10% there after the first week.

Some of Digital Bond’s Redpoint scripts are in Nmap release 6.47. There is typically a three to six month lag from when we release them on Github until they get integrated into Nmap. Stephen is busy working on the next protocol script.

In case you missed it, there are two quality ICS security events in Europe this fall. The SANS European ICS Summit is Sept 21-22 in Amsterdam, and the inaugural 4SICS is Oct 22-23  in Stockholm.