The clock is ticking to get your session proposal in for S4x15 Week. Take a look at the full CFP and get it in by October 1.

We don’t just wait for the CFP responses. We actively chase down researchers and topics. So if you see something that is S4-worthy please send us an email.

I’ll take it a step further. If you have any idea for a S4 session, a Great Debate topic, onstage interviewee or proven good practice for OTDay, send us the idea and we will find the right speaker.

One other S4x15 Week note … we will have a slight increase in prices, our first since 2007. So the best way to get in for free is to present a great session. We also will have group pricing and the first 50 registrants will see no price increase. More on registration on October 1 after we finalize the agenda.