The CLUSIF (Club de la sécurité de l’information français) has issued “an overview of existing documents, standards, guidelines and best practices” (link is for the document in English). The 24-page document gives an overview of the most popular and useful documents, and some advice on determining which documents might be most helpful to the reader based on a variety of criteria.

Robert Lee and Thomas Rid’s paper OMG CYBER! Thirteen Reasons Why Hype Makes for Bad Policy is available for free download. I’d like to see a follow up paper OMG CYBER! Thirteen Thing Your Vendor and Government Are Not Telling You About Cyber Risk in Your ICS.

Waterfall Security, best known for their Unidirectional Security Gateways, has announced Application Data Control. While technical details are still limited, it appears to add deep packet inspection to their product line.

Perry Pederson of Langner Communications has written a 28-page RIPE Crosswalk document that compares and maps RIPE to NERC CIP, NEI, WIB, NIST CSF, …

We are well into the second tier pricing of S4x15 Week tickets (51-100). The price goes up $100 each tier so register early to save money. We were happy to add to Tim Yardley as a speaker this week as well as some additional OTDay sessions.