We have updated the ICS Village page on the S4x15 site. The network diagram is updated so now you will see that there will be Wonderware, Open BACnet stack, and Modicon PLC on the network. The next update will include an almost full list, we will keep a couple of surprises, of the software and hardware and the network.

Of more interest may be the example flags that have been released. Some of the wording is intentionally vague to not give too much away.

  • What is the Vendor Name on the BACnet Controller?
  • What is the Modicon PLC password?
  • Identify a specific tag value.
  • Identify the attacker from a provided firmware image.
  • Create an IDS Signature to detect an attack from a previous flag.

There is a lot of work to be done in preparing the ICS Village, but a status review this week has me very excited about the environment and competition that will be available to the attendees.