s4 final on black

We have opened the S4x16 Call For Presentations on the event website. Since 2007 S4 has been the place to show your ICS Security research to an advanced audience that will get it. In recent years we have added Operations Technology (OT) and ICS Cyber Weapons sessions to the event. But again these sessions are aimed at an audience that knows the basics and doesn’t want to hear SCADASEC 101.

The new venue in South Beach will allow us to produce sessions on two big stages, so we will be hunting harder than ever for quality, fresh and entertaining content.

Here is the short version of the CFP:

  • Email your proposed idea for a S4x16 session to s4@digitalbond.com
  • Explain the session in 2 to 3 paragraphs highlighting what is new or novel about the session
  • Identify if it is a Technical Deep Dive Session or Main Stage Session
  • Identify the time requested for the session (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)

Also email us any ideas you may have for speakers or topics we should chase for S4x16. We evaluate submissions as they come in, so sending your session idea in early increases the odds it will be accepted. The CFP closes on September 1st.