Greetings. Quick post to announce an updated release for the Digital Bond Labs CANBus utilities repository.

This release features the addition of a simple fuzzer to the toolkit. The fuzzer has two modes. The first mode (default with no options) is to send random data to random IDs on the CAN. The –min and –max arguments specify a range of potential IDs to send random data.

The second, and more interesting, mode of the fuzzer is a mutation-based approach working off of a base message buffer. Say you observe a message on ID 0x431 consisting of the data (here shown in hexadecimal string) of “00 02 00 00 82 13 00 01”. If you would like to fuzz the 4-5 bytes (0x8213) you would issue a command like: “node fuzz.js –min 0x431 –max 0x431 –basebuffer “0002000082130001” –mutateIndexMin 4 –mutateIndexMax 5″

Happy hacking.