S4  began is 2007, and we have never had a DHS or INL leader on stage to provide an overview of their programs, results and plans. These are incredibly useful sessions at an event for those new to ICS, but for the experienced S4 audience they are primarily an acronym refresher course.

This doesn’t mean that DHS / ICS-CERT cannot and should not play a pivotal role in making progress in ICS security. The target S4 attendee and I have a lot of direct questions for DHS / ICS-CERT.

So we are pleased to announce that Marty Edwards, Director of ICS-CERT is scheduled for an interview on the Main Stage with me and the audience. I say the audience because we will have a way for the audience to submit and vote up questions for Marty. I’ll ask the top rated “appropriate” questions (appropriate meaning a question rather than a statement and not overtly hostile). Much like our Unsolicited Response podcast, the goal of an S4 interview is to draw out information, strategy and theory from the interviewee.

The S4 interviews with Eric Byres and Kim Zetter have been some of the most popular sessions in recent years, and I’m very much looking forward to having this conversation with Marty.