Ralph Langner of The Langner Group has been a speaker or attendee at every S4 since it began in 2007. And we are pleased to announce he will be back speaking at S4x16. His topic is: Critical Penetration Analysis – Turning the Art of Identifying Plant-Level Vulnerabilities into a Science.

I lobbied Ralph hard to speak at S4x16 because that big and beautiful Main Stage requires new and interesting ideas presented by dynamic, entertaining speakers. He definitely fills this bill as you can see from his TED talk, 60 Minutes interview and perhaps your own experience seeing him at one of his rare appearances at an ICS security event.

Ralph still holds the title of most viewed S4 session with his Stuxnet Deep Dive from S4x2012, currently at 37K+ views and still being watched. Pretty amazing considering the technical level of detail in the session, and nostalgic to see the original Case Study rooms we originally used for S4 that held only 66 people.

You are starting to see the Main Stage will be packed with great speakers, big interviews and interesting sessions to augment the usual Technical Deep Dives that S4 is known. Don’t worry S4 alumni … we have diligently searched and found great technical sessions for the Stage 2: Technical Deep Dives that will be unveiled on October 1st.