A number of people I respect greatly kept telling me to get Jason Healey to speak at S4 about cyber statecraft, cyber war, China, economics of cyber, … He certainly has the bio for it with his experience as a Director for Cyber Policy at the White House, Vice Chair of the Financial Services ISAC, founding member of the first Cyber Command in the world back in 1998, President of the Cyber Conflict Studies Association, and the list of experience and credentials goes on and on.

Experience is important, but what really swayed me that Jason was a great fit for S4 was watching a number of his panel discussions and briefings for the Atlantic Council. He brings historical context into his points, doesn’t get caught up with FUD, considers the non-US viewpoint, and suggests potential ways forward to deal with new cyber weapons and cyber policy issues.

So we are very pleased to announce that Jason Healey will be speaking on the Main Stage at S4x16 on: Overcome by Cyber Risks? Economic Costs and Benefits of Being Connected.