We will provide five lucky students a free ticket to attend S4x16, Jan 12-14 in Miami South Beach. If you want one of these tickets send an email to s4@digitalbond.com and describe your ICSsec qualifications, any current related research project, and why you want to attend S4x16. We will award tickets to the first five students who can convince us they are ready for the advanced technical content and have an active ICS security project.

Ticket winners will be responsible for travel and living costs, but you probably can survive on all the free food and drink provided at S4x16. It’s a chance to make connections that could greatly assist your research and learn from the top researchers around the world. It also will give you real world feedback on your project.

Most of the ICS security research being done in universities in past years, and even a considerable quantity of the research currently underway, was basically installing a small ICS test bed and showing reads and writes using insecure by design ICS protocols. That said, over the past two years we have had an increasing number of graduate and doctoral students who are well past learning what ICS is and are working on innovative offensive and defensive ICS cyber security projects. We would like to see some of this academic research talent attend and add to the unique mix at S4x16.