S4 Web Page: https://s4xevents.com/

1. It has the most detailed technical content and bleeding edge offensive and defensive security presentations. Watch the videos or ask around if you need confirmation. Since 2007, S4 is where the best researchers around the world have come to present their work in technical detail to an advanced audience who gets it. Stage 2 is exclusively for Technical Deep Dives.

2. See the best lineup of great speakers ever assembled at an ICS security event on the Main Stage (New for S4x16). General Michael Hayden, Ralph Langner, Mikko Hypponen, Dave Aitel, Mark Fabro, Jason Larsen, Katie Moussouris, Jason Healey, Richard Bejtlich, … and many more dynamic and challenging speakers for the Plant Manager, CISO or other decision maker in your organization. To get on the Main Stage you either needed to be a great speaker who can command the big stage or have a way to make your session entertaining. So we have live physical demos, singing, dancing, acting and other performances that will make this a unique ICS event.

3. Establish and renew relationships at the largest ICS security event of the year. We are expecting 500 attendees at S4x16 so it is a great chance to establish and renew relationships with your peers who are working on and in ICS security. We have designed S4x16 so you have plenty of time to connect with the Welcome Party, Red Star Lounge, Cabana Sessions and more.

4. S4xCTF — Last year we had our first Capture The Flag competition, and it was so popular that some attendees unexpectedly devoted most of their conference time to playing the CTF. Corey Thuen and the Digital Bond Labs team are putting together a CTF with more and harder problems to challenge the best in the industry that attend S4. Of course there are always easy and medium flags so all can play.

5. It’s in Miami South Beach in January.

Here is the link for the full agenda and registration: http://www.cvent.com/d/2rqszc