Immediately after the last speaker at S4x16, at 4:30 on Thursday Jan 14th, we will be having a craft beer bash at the Jackie Gleason Theater where S4x16 is held. More details to come on what brewers are being included, but I know many of you are making airplane reservations and don’t want you to miss out. Plan to stay in Miami South Beach until 6PM, or even better don’t leave until Friday morning.

Our closing keynote is Richard Bejtlich and you will not want to miss his talk, in addition to the farewell beers. Richard has testified to Congress so many times and has strong, well argued opinions on what is happening in cyber geopolitics and what the US should do about it.

In fact one of the many things I’m looking forward to at S4x16 is to hear Richard, Mikko Hypponen, Dave Aitel, Jason Healey and General Hayden hit some of these same global cyber political issues with very different points of view. The beauty is you will hear well reasoned arguments for their respective positions and will certainly have more information to help make decisions for yourself and inform your organization.

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