We have been hopeful this information would be released on the S4x16 Main Stage, and now we can confirm that Sean McBride of iSight Partners will be presenting their GridStrike research.

Inspired by the FERC study showing a major power outage if nine key US substations were “knocked out”, iSight Partners decided to perform a similar analysis.

FERC spent approximately $1M on the study and had access to private and sensitive information. Sean will show what can be determined from only public information with a much lower budget. He will also discuss what open source information utilities should be protecting.

Sean joins General Hayden, Mikko Hypponen, Ralph Langner, Marty Edwards, Richard Bejtlich, Dave Aitel, Jason Healey, Reid Wightman, and other amazing speakers on the Main Stage at S4x16.

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S4x16 is Jan 12-14 in Miami South Beach