We have been referring to sessions on The Main Stage at S4x16 as performances. There will literally be past TED speakers and other compelling speakers who can command a stage in a 2400 seat auditorium on the Main Stage. These include Mikko Hypponen, General Michael Hayden, Ralph Langner, Dave Aitel, Jason Healey and many more.

We have also been encouraging other Main Stage performances to embrace the theater experience and have singing, dancing, acting, demos, staging and other activity for a compelling performance.

Katie Moussouris has taken up the challenge with her performance titled “Measuring Success in Vulnerability Disclosure”. She knows this topic cold from her work with Microsoft’s Bug Bounty and now at HackerOne, and many of the revelations will be new and important to the ICS community.

And the performance should be a lot of fun as she is taking us up on the having singers/dancers/staging etc. The creative is still a work in progress, but it will be fun.

This is not the only performance on the Main Stage that will be much more than a PowerPoint tech session. We are working with all the performers to make their session impactful and fun for the audience.