300 of the best and brightest in ICS Cyber Security from around the world were in Miami South Beach last week for Digital Bond’s S4x16. And the social events and structure of S4x16 gave ample time and fun opportunities to establish and grow the relationships so critical in making progress on securing control systems. The picture above is from the final event, the Craft Beer Bash on the Main Stage after the closing keynote. People were so enjoying discussions with fellow attendees that it was hard to get anyone to leave (perhaps the good and free beer had something to do with it as well).

The speakers on all three stages brought the best content the event has ever had (x2 or x3) in its nine years. From the big names like General Hayden, Mikko Hypponen, Ralph Langner, Marty Edwards … to the creative performances of witch doctors, singers, hikers and dancers … to the highly technical talks on Stage 2 from the best known researchers and new names … everyone brought it.

We owe a huge thanks to the speakers, sponsors, Daley Direction, onsite support vendors and of course the attendees who fully engaged in the event.

We are still recovering from S4x16 week, but soon we will be getting content out and highlighting it on this site.

  • We recorded all the S4 Main Stage and Stage 2 Technical Deep Dive sessions and will be putting those out in a Vimeo portfolio. You can expect two to three videos a week, and each will be highlighted with an article here, tweet from @digitalbond, and a short write up on Vimeo.
  • We will put the Sponsor Stage Powerpoint presentations on slideshare, pending the vendors’ approval.
  • We have a ton of great pictures from the event and will be putting the best up on Instagram, follow @s4xphoto
  • Reid and the S4xCTF team will be providing a writeup and data from the CTF

All this will start in earnest next week, so we ask for your patience until then.

In the meantime, you can save the date for S4x17. It will be held back at the Jackie Gleason Theater (which has a 2400 seat capacity so invite all of your colleagues) in Miami South Beach on January 10 – 12.