After two years establishing and running Digital Bond Labs, Reid and I have decided that it makes more sense to run this as a stand alone business. So I have the honor to be the first to announce and congratulate Reid on his new company: RevICS.

In all candor I’ve been surprised that the synergies we expected between ICS security consulting and detailed third party assessment / penetration tests for ICS vendors as part of their security development lifecycle (SDL) were not there. The sales and marketing to potential customers are different, and the teams that do the work are different. They both are good and growing business areas, but for a small company like Digital Bond it is hard to focus on and pursue both, along with our growing S4 Events.

It has and continues to be a pleasure working with Reid. He is among the best (there is no olympic competition so I can’t definitively say the best) at ICS penetration tests / assessments to identify new vulnerabilities / 0days, particularly in embedded systems. We will continue working with him and actually issued RevICS three PO’s, so we are RevICS’s first customer.

One of those PO’s is for Reid to run the CTF at S4x17 this January in Miami South Beach. I’m excited about the approach and all of the flags that he and the CTF team have already created. It is going to be very ICS focused and have flags for all different skills and skill sets.