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We have learned in recent years to leave a slot or two for late breaking attacks on ICS or hot research in the S4 agenda. Ukraine has helped fill this spot now for the second year in a row. We know that something happened again to the Ukrainian Power Grid, and there is still much that is not known or not yet public as researchers and analysts are once again working hard over the holidays.

So who is best to put on stage to reveal and discuss the latest information and analysis?

Answer: The people closest to the information and problem/challenge.

So we will have Marina Krotofil, who hails from Ukraine and now is working for Honeywell, on stage and Oleksiy Yasinskiy from ISSP in Ukraine on a live video feed. Marina and Oleksiy may choose to add additional people on stage or via video from Ukraine.

I’d like to be able to give you more of a description or feel to what you will learn, but it likely would be out of date in the next day or two. What I can say is you will get the latest and most detailed information known on January 10th.

Image by Oran Viriyincy