This episode begins with a 10 minute monologue from Dale Peterson on why demonstrations of insecure by design, no SDL and modifying physical processes is not particularly interesting for the advanced ICS security audience … and why it is still important.

Then we play Dale Peterson’s interview with Steve Bitar of ExxonMobil on the Open Process Automation (OPA) initiative.

If the OPA is new to you, you will learn how OPA is trying to get away from single vector lock in and be able to choose the best of breed and have it work together.

The more interesting part of the podcast for most will be Steve’s addressing the hard questions that everyone is thinking but don’t come up when you get the OPA presentation. For example:

  • Why would a DCS vendor who has control of the account / market every want to support this?
  • Speaking of support … who would be responsible for the rigorous global support that ExxonMobil requires when the solution comes from many vendors?
  • What business model changes would be required for OPA to work?

Steve took on all the tough questions, because clearly they have come up behind closed doors before.

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