In this Unsolicited Response episode I interview Rob Lee of Dragos and Rob Smith of INL on a Department of Energy funded program called Neighborhood Keeper. The program attempts to provide threat detection and intelligence in an easy and affordable way to small and medium sized asset owners. Originally these are in the Energy sector, given the funding source.


While Dragos is providing the technology and service, there are a lot of players in this including DoE and a variety of existing DoE efforts, INL, and E-ISAC. There is a nice bubble diagram, but it is not released yet. We spend the initial portion of the podcast trying (not sure succeeding) in describing the program. Then we get to the two most interesting problems trying to be solved.

11:00 Information Sharing … there have been large numbers of failed attempts. We explore why they think this is different, and why they believe asset owners will feel comfortable participating.

34:20 Business Factors … What is the pricing? Who will do installs? What are the ongoing costs? What can asset owners expect for this expenditure?

It’s all a bit unfair because they are only months into a two-year program, but they are trying to solve two problems that have resisted solving in the past decade.