I spoke with two Digital Bond alumni and Lord Remorin at the S4x20 Cabana Sessions about a wide ranging set of technical topics.

Reid Wightman, Principal Vulnerability Analyst at Dragos

  • What he found interesting as an attendee, not running the CTF, at S4x20?
  • Jake Brodsky’s Session: Secure Coding Practices for PLCs
  • The Pwn2Own competitors not being ICS regulars and future of Pwn2Own in ICS
  • Reid’s background at SEL and with Ed Schweitzer prior to Digital Bond
  • How much gear Reid has in his basement?
  • Will Reid run an ICS CTF in the future?

Stephen Hilt and Lord Remorin of Trend Micro (at 10:00)

  • How they built the ICS Factory Honeynet to be highly realistic including the logic, public presence, employees and more
  • Did they ever have an attacker who understood ICS?
  • Was Mike an homage to Michael Toecker?
  • Did Shodan find their honeynet? Did they label it a honeypot?
  • What is the future of this or similar ICS honeynets at Trend Micro?


Dale’s ICS Security Friday News & Notes

Trend Micro’s Factory ICS Honeynet Whitepaper