Marty Edwards has worked for an ICS asset owner, INL, DHS, ISA and late last year he made the move to a security product vendor, Tenable. This happened at the same time that Tenable acquired Indegy for $78M, indicating they are serious about OT security space. I talk with Marty a bit about his past career and then focus on why he moved to Tenable and what Tenable’s strategy is for the OT space.

  • Marty’s impressions on what DHS / CISA / ICS-CERT has done since he left.
  • Why Marty even considered working for a cybersecurity company?
  • Did the Tenable acquisition of Indegy play a part in his decision?
  • Is Tenable.OT rebranded Indegy product or something else?
  • What are the plans to integrate the Indegy product into the (Security Center) system? Is this simply a push of OT to SC? Or will it be bi-directional communication?
  • What is Tenable’s commitment to the ICS security space? Given that Tenable and many others, McAfee, Symantec, Mandiant, …, have invested only to pull back in a bad quarter.
  • Is Tenable an OT asset management solution? If so, what parts of asset management and how does it interact with the missing parts?
  • How do the Tenable products prioritize vulnerabilities discovered in Tenable.OT or Tenable.SC?